Social webs nowadays are very common in our society, a lot of people use them, for example; instagram, twitter, facebook... Some people use them properly but some people don't, that's because these webs have some advantages and some disadvantages.

  Social websites have some advantages. Firstly, instead of buying the newspaper to read news, you can enter in your mobile phone in a social web and you read news easily without buying them. Secondly, you can contact people who are in a far country anywhere in the world, for example, if you want to contact a relative who lives in the USA, using a social website you can contact them easily. Thirdly, social webs are also useful to find a job when you're unemployed. Finally, when you need information about any topic, this kind of websites are very useful.

  But they have some disadvantages. Firstly, in Instagram for example, you upload photos and unknown people can see your photos and they would know where you are and what you're doing. Secondly, these webs can bring a problem, sexting, this type of bullying appears when you upload intimate photos, and when a person starts sending these photos to everyone. Thirdly, these webs can bring addiction, this means that you pass all the day with your mobile chatting or doing whatever you want. Like that, you don't speak to your family and you reduce your family closeness. Finally, when you are speaking to a friend you don't go to the street to speak to your friend like in the old times, instead of that you take the mobile and you start chatting. This type of communication decreases face-to-face communication skills.

  In social websites you can accept people as a "friend", but what is the difference between a traditional friend and a digital friend?. A traditional friend, is a friend you you meet face-to-face every day, a friend who you have confidence with, someone you speak with, a friend you can tell your problems and they can tell you their problems normally,.. But a digital friend or a friend in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, is a friend who you don't know, a friend you only see in his profile, a friend you don't stay with, a friend you don't know it is a bad person or a good person... to summarize, a friend who you meet only in social websites. That's the difference between a real friend and a digital friend.

  In social webs sometimes is necessary to guarantee your privacy. To do this, firstly, I wouldn't publish any personal information or photos in the social websites. Secondly, I wouldn't publish my personal about any topic, to not get angry to people who have a different opinion. Finally, I wouldn't accept as a friend to unknown people. Also, I would make some suggestions to the site owners: I would to suggest to don't accept any insults or ugly things; I would suggest to make more private the social websites, this means that not anyone can see your profile, only people you accept and finally I would suggest to don't publish intime photos.
  If you don't be careful in you the websites, you can have a problem, cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is an action that use information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behaviour by an individual or group, that is intended to harm another or others. To prevent this problem you should guarantee your privacy and you should be careful accepting unknown people as a friend.

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