The refugees crisis is one of the most important topics nowadays, because in some of the European countries there are refugees in camps or in borders, and some of the countries are receiving them. A refugee is a person who has been forced to cross national boundaries, because of a war, a racial or a religious persecution, political opinion, not having a nationality... , and who cannot return home safely.

  In the world's history, we have had a lot of refugees, for example; in the Russian civil war (1917-1921) approximately 1,500,000 people fled the Russian revolution; in 1933 hitler became the German president, and this led to a very large increase in the number of refugees in Germany, most of the Jewish. A consequence of this was that in 1933 the League of nations created a High Commission for Refugees coming from Germany. Another case of refugees was the Spanish civil war (1936-1939), several hundred thousand Spanish republicans and Basque nationalists fled to France after the fascist persecution in 1939; the II World War also brought a lot of refugees.

Resultado de imagen de marine le pen  Today in the european countries of Turkey, Greece, Hungary... there are a lot of refugees came from Syria, because of the war. But in europe we have a problem, that some politicians don't wan't to receive them, and also, there are appeareing racist far-right movements that want to throw out inmigrants and refugees. This political idea begins in 2015 after the Paris terrorist attacks of 13th of November that caused 130 deads. After that attack, there were regional elections in France, the french far-right partie " National Front" was recommending hardline security measures and they start to attack the refugees saying that the one of the suicide terrorist was a refugee that came to Europe through Greece, so, they say that if they would win the elections, France was not going to take refugees. Finally, the National Front win the regional elections. But not only in France, in Germany also there are far-right parties that are becaming popular, because the German canciller Angela Merkel took some refugees. Consequently, in the regional elections, Merkel's party CDU lost the eletions and the far-right party "Alternative for Germany" remained in the second position.

Resultado de imagen de refugiados en balsas                                      Resultado de imagen de niño refugiado muerto en la playa

Resultado de imagen de refugiados hungriaThe situation of the refugees in Europe is very bad. They came from Syria in boats and a most ofthem die drowned in the sea, in 2016, 3,212 people die drowned in the sea. Another group of refugees are in campaments of UNHCR in Greece and Serbia. This refugees are trapped because some countries like Hungary and Austria don't want refugees in their country and they make up walls. Some human rights organisations like Amnesty International, show that Hungary violates the Human rights, arresting refugees, persecuting them with dogs and hitting them... Treating them like animals.

I don't believe in that extremist messages, I believe in the convivence and the human rights. I think, that people should think that refugees are persons escaping from war and they aren't terrorists. In my opinion, all the europe countries should take refugees and give them an opportunity instead of throwing out and presecuting them. Some people don't know that in the past all of us have been refugees and they take us, so now, we have to take the other refugees it's very simple.